The Polish community in Wiltshire

The latest DVD in a major project to capture the views of people who’s voices are often missing from civic life has given an insight into the lives of Polish people living in Wiltshire.


Project launch
Bridge House, Trowbridge
19 Feb 2013

A number of Polish people living in Trowbridge have been involved with the project and appear on a DVD, explaining how they have settled into life here and the differences to living back home.  The film shows some of the challenges they face in relation to issues such as language and employment but also looks at the hopes and dreams for their own and their children’s futures.

The DVD is the latest in 12 films being put together by Wiltshire Council to hear the views and opinions of people who may not normally attend meetings or get their voices heard.

Chris Williams, portfolio holder for area boards, said: “We are committed to finding ways to reach out to people who do not or cannot attend our meetings and we have been engaging with people from a wide diversity of backgrounds across the county. Our aim is to find out more about the day to day life of people whose voices are seldom heard and then to act upon what we hear.”

Called Wiltshire Voices, the short films will be used in group situations to stimulate discussion and action by schools, service providers, organisations and local decision makers. Area boards throughout Wiltshire will be using the films to better inform decision-making.

View the film


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